The Ardennes are located in Wallonia, mainly in the provinces of Liege, Namur and Luxembourg. They represent a vast pool of green areas (pastures and forests), and their economic resources are agriculture, forestry and tourism. The relief is the highest, with altitudes ranging from 300 to 700 meters.

The first impression on the Ardennes is the beautiful landscape, slightly undulating: Huge forest, grasslands, fen wetlands as a large sea calm - and indeed, the Ardennes is deployed on the shallow seas immemorial.

In the deep valleys are small villages with a rich history. The upland villages and hamlets have a history closely tied to the exploitation of the forest. The stone was used everywhere here, both the walls and the roofs of the houses.

From the late Middle Ages the wood has been used as the main energy source. The forest was so big that it seemed inexhaustible, but in the 19th century, there were tourists who complained about deforested areas. Therefore, it was decided to re-forest the forests with fast growing pine trees.

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